market hall

market hall

The Market Hall is open on Market St. downtown, combining a gourmet grocery store and restaurant. It’s the first of four locations nationwide with the flagship set to open in San Francisco. The restaurant hadn’t opened yet when we visited a couple weeks ago, but we liked the large communal seating tables inside.



Hawthorn Coffee opened last week on Adams in Normal Heights, offering pour-overs and yet another solid coffee option on a street with many of them:



Here in Kensington, Ken Video has re-opened in a smaller version, and includes Vidajuice juice bar. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, right?  Kensington Pet Supply down the street will be moving into the space next door, which is also owned by the Ken Video folks.


Two doors east, Peevey Jewelers will close in February after 35 years in operation in Kensington; the business began downtown in 1946. And just down the street from us, Papapizza from the Pappalecco folks looks close to opening.

New restaurant and cocktail bar Madison opens tonight on in University Heights next door to Park & Rec, completing the transformation from Bourbon Street/Lei Lounge.  The interior looks amazing (sadly you can’t see it in this shot):


Further south on Park, would it be possible to annex the Egyptian Quarter from Hillcrest into North Park? With mixed-use project Mr. Robinson (pictured below) about complete, and forward-looking businesses like Heat Bar and Kitchen and MJ’s Cyclery nearby, this block has a different feel than the rest of the now-stodgy neighborhood:



Pizza mini-chain Flour and Barley is coming to the former Pizzeria Mozza location at the Headquarters any day now, and we had lunch at their Las Vegas location last weekend.  The stools fashioned from recycled Formula 1 circuit oil barrels were a neat touch:


– On the housing front, media outlets are picking up on the inequity that results from the exclusionary zoning created by established property owners:

– Here in San Diego, Don Bauder at the San Diego Reader notes San Diego’s unaffordable housing and its negative impact on residents and the local economy: “Housing affordability is one of the nation’s worst. That’s a reason that domestic migration outflow tops inflow: how many families can afford San Diego?”

I was surprised to read this since Bauder is one of the biggest NIMBYs at a publication that ceaselessly questions every new housing project in the region. Bauder actually wrote an article opposing new development because of our city’s water situation, while neglecting to mention the city’s $3.5 billion dollar wastewater recycling project, or Carlsbad’s new desalination plant. Yes Don, San Diego’s housing affordability is one of the nation’s worst, in part because folks like you write biased pieces opposing new housing supply.

Bauder is hardly the most biased writer employed by the Reader. While nearly every piece on development in the publication neglects to mention the region’s housing crisis, two authors, Barbara Garazoa and Susan Luzzaro, are particularly guilty of only presenting anti-development views. In a recent piece, Luzarro quotes one Chula Vista resident opposed to transit-oriented development as saying “Chula Vista has enough housing”. If that were the case, why are apartment rents up over 40% there in the past 3 years? Surely that couldn’t have been too hard to look up.

So for the new year, I’m naively asking the Reader (again) to fact check NIMBY statements like the one above, and to at least acknowledge the region’s housing crisis in any development-related coverage.

– Finishing up:


  • Look for some new sculptures in the coming year in Plaza de Panama as SDMA’s Free the Art fundraiser is a success.
  • San Diego’s Climate Action Plan passed recently, but putting more housing near transit could be challenging, given the new community plans being written by residents.
  • The proposed Morris Cerullo Legacy International Center, from this anti-gay “faith healer and miracle worker” sounds pretty awful.
  • Is transportation the next civil rights issue of our time?
  • A roundabout is proposed near the Del Mar Racetrack to address pedestrian safety concerns, but a resident says it shouldn’t be built because it’s too far for her to walk.
  • 4 thoughts on “market hall

    1. OK. I sorta get your point on bikes and taking the bus and shit like that. Go ahead, be millennial, regardless if you’re actually too old to be so. I get it.

      But communal seating at those giant tables? How is that a benefit? If I’m with a group of 4, we have 2 options: sit 4 in a row and have 2 different conversations going on or sit across the picnic table and scream at each other because everyone else is doing the same. At what point did you hipsters decide that the group of people who want to have dinner together should share the experience with everyone else in the place? Having been subjected to this nonsense, I can tell you that at no time was the barking from the people next to me interesting enough to where I was felt to join their conversation and make new friends. We just wanted to eat, catch up and enjoy our company.

      You folks get roped into these silly ideas like you’re reinventing the wheel and, like most of these ideas, this one is terrible too.

    2. I noticed that University Heights has tried to annex part of Hillcrest by putting UH Banners down Park Blvd from El Cajon to Lincoln (University Heights boundary is at El Cajon). Yes, East Hillcrest is really the best part of Hillcrest – the rest of which is dying under the siege from older NIMBYs.

      And Dobbson, the rest of us do read your pissy posts, but dismiss them as just bitter old queen.

      Keep up the good work Paul.

    3. Ken Video was in Kensington long before you were. Should they have sold bike tires instead of juice?

      You LOVED Hillcrest until they wouldn’t put your stupid bike lanes in. Quit being such a baby about it. This is just another example of the leadership in this city respecting the needs and desires of the majority of its citizens. You should come to grips with that.

      Glad Hawthorne Coffee opened up. Much more automobile parking over there than over by Dark Horse.

      I assume this will be moderated and purged. But that’s fine. I know YOU read it, and that’ll suffice.

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