ramen yamadaya

ramen yamadaya

While waiting for the 235 bus on Broadway downtown last month, I noticed a new Japanese restaurant between 5th and 6th. Later I realized this was the long-awaited second location for Ramen Yamadaya. Since were in the mood for noodles yesterday but not the Kearny Mesa strip mall scene, it was time for a visit.

The majority of the dining area is set back from the street in a cozy lower level adjacent to the kitchen:


I like the layout of the big, easy to read menu:



We started off with a chicken karaage plate, and Jay had the chicken katsu (shown below), both ample servings for their respective prices:


My options at ramen places like Yamadaya are usually pretty limited because of my egg intolerance, but they offer a vegan ramen that’s remarkably different from my usual standby at Tajima (who also now have a downtown location nearby). Yamadaya’s broth has a distinct coconut flavor and you can almost see the creaminess:

IMG_0513 (1)

Some more pictures from our visit, including the inexpensive small spicy tuna rice bowl:



Ramen Yamadaya is one of three new restaurants next door to each other on this block – good to see these businesses aren’t afraid to be located in front of a busy bus stop:



Next door is Guadalajaran grilled meat restaurant Pipirins, which looks close to opening. The $4 craft beer on listed on the menu board can’t hurt either.


The most visually impressive restaurant of the three is BIGA, with gleaming counters and re-finished wood tables throughout. They opened after Christmas and serve fast-casual Neapolitan-style pizzas and sandwiches, while featuring coffee and gelato at the counter up front:


Look for more big changes two¬†blocks to the east, where all the buildings on the north side of the street¬†are now empty, waiting demolition for Bosa’s “The Block“, a $250 million dollar mixed-use project consisting of two towers, 21 and 41 stories each.



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  1. Good ramen, indeed. Not the best in town, however. Though I am glad knowing that this is where everyone will flock to. Might take a little pressure off the other spot, which already has an excruciating wait time if you don’t time if perfectly.

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