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art labs

The Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair was this weekend and we checked out a couple of its (free) related/inspired events downtown Saturday – Barrio Block Party and the East Village Random Acts of Art. While the block party was in name only – most of the activity was inside the warehouses along Main St. in Barrio Logan – it did give us an opportunity to finally have lunch at Blueprint one block over. Usually open for weekday lunches and happy hours only, it was serving a rare Saturday lunch, and we enjoyed a burger and thai salad while chatting with the owner. She said it’s been a struggle in that location, with customer parking hard to come by during weekdays, and little activity at night. As part of the block party they were showing the lowrider photographs of Pedro Rayos.

After Blueprint we made our first visit to Ryan Bros cafe, which had been recommended to us a while back by a friend. It’s a great open space inside, and it was clear why the dark roast Cowboy Coffee was a customer favorite. They recently opened another location in San Marcos.

ryan bros barrio logan

Next door to Ryan Bros, Roots Factory seemed to have the most going on, with vendors in their back parking lot and a dj setting up in one room. In another, this mural was on display from artist Brandon Roth:

roots factory

Across the street, a line of lowriders were in front of new studio The Spot, which moved in from Pacific Beach and performs graphic designs on cars. Inside, the walls were lined with spray-paint cans that had been transformed into art – one favorite was a can ripped open to reveal a bright red heart inside.

the spot barrio logan

After dropping into Glashaus next door and chatting with the very artist Janet McCarty upstairs, we drove over to East Village for the Random Acts of Art event. We hadn’t been to Mission Brewery in the old Wonder Bread building yet, and there was a modest pre-Padres game crowd hanging out in the huge interior – a trek to the bathroom will take you past much of their brewing and bottling equipment. While their IPA doesn’t have the hoppiness you’d find in other brewers’, it was a thirst-quencher on the warm afternoon downtown. Roy de Vries‘ art was on display here. After checking out a couple of other exhibits, including the very cool underwater photography from Jami Leslie, in the community workspace at Hive 770.

The highlight of the art-filled day was the Space 4 Art gallery on 15th Street, a multi-structure space crammed with unique artists. Robert Leathers showed us his amazingly intricate (and trippy) quilt art, along with some twisted, crystallized remnants of his burned house. The space for the artist collective of the San Diego Guild of Puppetry, tucked away down a long hall, contained several downright disturbing puppets, masks, and sculptures (the title of one, “Bone Baby”, gives some idea of the subject matter)… creepy and cool. In the back lot, a stage was set up and several outdoor art installations were on display:

space4art 1

Across the street, the modified crate of a Predator Drone (purchased on craigslist) sat in front of the Adaptable Sites Art Lab:

predator crate

The inside of the crate had been converted into a living space, including sleeping bags and glassware. Behind it were what appeared to be shipping containers converted into mini-galleries, with windows installed. And behind the containers was this wall mural, fitting the lab’s theme of “postindustrial collapse culture”:

adaptable sites art lab

More images from the day are available on flickr. Not a bad first weekend for San Diego’s Arts Month – look for Art Walk on the Bay next weekend.

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  1. hey conor, jay mentioned that those crates were also used as offices. and the predator drone case was photographed in front of various sd military locations, like the general dynamics plant in poway where it was produced, i think. here’s a shot of the crate’s interior, just a sleeping bag pic:

    predator crate interior

  2. Great entry, looks like a ton of fun. That crate project is a pretty strong statement, good stuff. Any pics of the crate interior? Looks awkward and dark to photograph, but I’m curious what’s doing under the hood.

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