tour de fat

tour de fat

A new Thai restaurant has opened on Park Blvd. in University Heights: Bahn Thai is in the tiny spot across from Muzita.  They’re open late, until 11 pm nightly…  The Smoking Goat is expanding into the space vacated by North Park Seafood on 30th in North Park, says North Park SceneRosarias Pizza on University in North Park has undergone a name change to The Foundry, and added a big list of bottled craft beers to their menu. Turn it over and check the “if you like…” column for a few laughs… Just down the street, construction has started on Casa de Luz:

Tiger!Tiger!, the new restaurant/bar on El Cajon Blvd. in North Park from the owners of Blind Lady Ale House was open for 50 minutes during a recent Bike the Boulevard event, and will open for good sometime next month… a bit further off is the tentative opening of a 4200-square foot Pizzeria Mozza in the Old Police Headquarters project downtown.  The restaurant, from chefs Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali, has been a big hit in LA, and fits with the project’s goal of bringing in celebrity chef-driven establishments.  The 40 million dollar project could be completed in late 2012Juan Chou’s Mexican and sushi restaurant is open in South Park:

– We ate at the new A Modo Mio restaurant on 5th in Hillcrest last week, without realizing beforehand that it was Restaurant Week. Turned out the items I was going to order were on their very reasonable $20 RW menu, and the rigatoni with spicy italian sausage plate was a treat. Although we weren’t seated out on the patio (we were lucky to score a table at all on this very busy Thursday night), it looks like a fun place to enjoy a cool San Diego evening.

– New Belgium Brewery’s Tour de Fat returns to San Diego this Saturday Oct. 1 from 11-5 in a new Balboa Park location: instead of along 6th ave, it will be in Golden Hill Park. This event was a blast last year and benefits go to SD County Bike and Mountain Bike Associations.

Speaking of craft brewers, there was a good article in the Seattle PI on why drinking craft beer often supports local businesses as opposed to supporting foreign-owned macro brewers of Bud, Coors and Miller. Unfortunately, if you’re attending a San Diego professional sporting event, you have your work cut out for you to find one of the few stands selling Stone IPA at Petco Ballpark amidst a sea of Budweiser, while macro brews are your only option at Qualcomm Stadium.

– Say goodbye to the current Hillcrest DMV building and hello to a new mixed-use project in the vast parking lot there, with underground parking, and retail in a 5-story mid-rise:

The new DMV building will be 50% larger than the current one. Architects Lankford and Associates designed the Smart Corner condo building and Hall of Justice downtown.

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  1. thanks andrew, nothing new to add here but i appreciate the info. katsuya looks pretty amazing, great design. quite the celebrity hangout at the hollywood location too.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about a few LA-based concepts opening in SD, and I was wondering if anyone else has heard the same…

    I’ve heard that SBE’s Katsuya will be opening up downtown, replacing Quarter Kitchen at the Andaz – a position for general manager of a San Diego location is even on their website. Also, I read on North Park Scene that a Seven Grand concept was going to be opening where Bacchus House used on be, on University. Does anyone know if these projects are going forward?

  3. Pizzeria Mozza recently opened in OC to much fanfare and I expect the same to happen here. The presence of a celebrity chef like Mario Batali should help to elevate San Diego’s dining reputation. If anything, it should be a wake up call to local restauranteurs to step up the food and service they provide if we really want to be seen as a foodie city by outsiders.

  4. As has already been mentioned, the Hillcrest DMV project will be great for the neighborhood. I’m hoping that someone sees how wide Normal St. is currently and takes advantage of that. Perhaps a linear park or extra widening of the sidewalks are in order. How about a dog park for the many dogs who live in the area? The possibilities are limitless.

    And if the post office buiding is next, then maybe they can include the McDonald’s site at the same time.

  5. one more thing re: the dmv project – it would be interesting to apply the same mixed-use approach to the post office structure/lot/garage down the street, to help tie in with uptown district. i wonder what would make the most sense given their financial issues.

  6. thanks jeff, good to know that. we walked from the park area, took the escalator to the upper deck and a single stone ipa was all i saw micro-brew wise. will look for those main level carts next season. and good to hear about qualcomm too.

  7. hey walter, i agree about the endless parking, what a waste of prime neighborhood space when those spots could go underground as planned. this could really complement the uptown district complex too.

    i’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more coverage, i’ve only seen it on and in uptown news, i think.

  8. Great news (!) about the DMV. The open sore that now occupies that land will hopefully soon be gone and replaced with a new DMV, office, retail, and residential units. What a boost for Hillcrest! The existing, endless paved storage for cars is a real eyesore.
    I understand their might be some action on creating a new park/green space on Normal in conjunction. One can only hope for the best.

  9. Yes Petco Park and Qualcomm Stadium are dominated by macro beers, but things are slowly progressing. There are between 30-40 taps of Stone Pale Ale at Petco, yes there could be more, but it’s not terribly hard to find.
    At the All Star break they also added five carts on the main level with ten different craft beers from four different breweries (Ballast Point, Knee Deep, Cerveceria Tijuana and two rotating handles).

    I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard and seen pictures of some expanded craft beer options at Qualcomm for Charger’s games this year. I think it’s still a small section with only a few options, but it is progress.

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