pubcake pledge

20 Mar

PubCakes is looking to expand on their current cramped quarters (they share a space with Treehouse Coffee Co. in the College Area) so they can serve up a wider variety of cupcakes, and provide 12 taps of beer, along with bottles. Financing isn’t easy in this economy so check out their pledge pageHess Brewing is coming to North Park, with a tasting room, brew house and canning line set for the Evangelical Bible Store at 3812 Grim, says the West Coaster… Tourists who like to eat the same dessert no matter what city they’re in will be pleased to hear Cheesecake Factory is coming to the Old Police Headquarters renovation downtown, according to Troy Johnson… And in another victory for tourists over anyone with taste, the Unconditional Surrender statue on the waterfront will be permanently unconditionally surrendering in bronze form, while members of the Port of San Diego’s arts committee hand in their resignations. (The arts committee had recommended ending the statue’s run, which was supposed to be temporary – similar to duplicates of the piece in other cities). Unfortunately the unelected commissioners of the Port have a long track record of approving laughable public art.

Meanwhile in Chicago, where their giant, derided Seward Johnson statue is thankfully temporary, plans are afoot to makeover kitschy Navy Pier, which has lost tourist traffic to Millenium Park:

Initial designs seek to create a sequence of appealing outdoor spaces along the promenade, including tilted lawns for recreation, a fountain that could spout jets, mist or a reflective sheet of water, and hanging gardens inside the pier’s Crystal Gardens pavilion. The plan also adds a swimming pool with a sand beach and an amphitheater that would slope down to Lake Michigan level on the east end of the pier, with cantilevered overlooks offering views back to the city

Makes you wonder what Broadway Pier could have been if someone other than the Port of San Diego determined its fate – probably more than just a cruise ship terminal with a missing a bait-and-switch park.

And finally (and less grumpily), on the heels of the recently-announced Tokyo route, rumor has it that the airport has been in discussions with Singapore Airlines to bring their Dreamliner to San Diego. Direct flights to southeast Asia anyone?

Wait, one more – if you want that direct flight from SAN to Reagan National to happen, you actually have to sign a petition? San Diego may be the largest unserved market for Reagan, but you’re going to have to write the DOT for that to change.

Justin says:

Regarding that non-stop flight from SAN to Reagan National, I just saw that the route has been approved and will begin July 8.

Justin says:

Oh goodie….now I can enjoy my oversized meal at The Cheesecake Factory, while admiring at the oversized kissing sculpture off in the distance. Maybe a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum will be incorporated along the new waterfront park? Only in my dreams.

Tourists – 1 point, Residents – 0 points.

Jesse Mellon says:

Tourists would be even better served with a Cheesecake Factory on our fair waterfront (maybe set back a little from the statue). Visual art AND culinary art in one fell swoop!

Matt says:

If we’re hating on stuff in this article, I’m going to point out that Hess’s beers are uniformly phenolic and cidery.



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