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6 Jan

A craft beer bar and restaurant inside a bayside pier’s bait & tackle shop? You’ve got to love living in San Diego when places like Fathom Bistro pop up, where the kegs will be cooled in the bay itself and you can boat right up to the eatery’s dock on Shelter Island, according to Eater SD. Their opening on 2/2 sounds like the perfect excuse to include a loop of Shelter Island on a bike ride next month… More craft beer: the owners of Home Brews and Gardens on Thorn in North Park have upgraded the place to Thorn Street Brewery, complete with tasting room. Thrillist has photos and the beer list on the brewery’s website beckons…

If you’re in Old Town, check out the new BentoWich shop, where you decide what ends up in your bento box (or bento-sandwich). Here’s the menu:

It can take a while to figure out what you want (and in my case, a while for the food to arrive – not sure about that “fast” part of “fresh food fast”) but I was eventually rewarded with a tasty coconut panko mahi mahi with yakisoba, and sides of veggies and pickled daikon:


It’s definitely not like anything else in Old Town, or even Convoy for that matter. On our next visit I’ll probably try a sandwich, it looks pretty good in Frank Sabatini’s review in Uptown News.

Back in uptown, it was interesting to see a new mixed-use project, Street Car Row, is getting built on Adams in University Heights. According to Uptown News, it will have 12 residences and ground-floor retail. Small-scale developments like this one have been absent the past few years as loan money dried up, but I think they add vitality along our main neighborhood routes. Could Street Car Row be a sign that the commercial loan dollars are starting to flow again? For what it’s worth, real estate values seem to have jumped significantly in our neighborhood over the past year, and all-cash bidding wars have been breaking out on lower-priced properties. It’s quite a change from the end-of-the-world vibe of 5 years ago.

Sad to see that Anthology is closing in Little Italy. Apparently it was a state-of-the-art venue, but even when there was a jazz artist playing there that I was interested in seeing, it was a struggle to find others who wanted to go. They did broaden the bookings into nostalgia acts, which didn’t appeal to me either. Hopefully the space will return in the future and include newer independent and electronic artists.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays – our trips to Vegas and Palm Springs were fun (hopefully that’s the last time I see the dated entrance to Bally’s, now set to become the 270 shops of the “Grand Bazaar”), and thanks to Debra Lee Baldwin’s books my succulent obsession has gone into overdrive recently. I’ll post some pictures as we put more containers together and get started on our new succulent and cactus area in the yard.

Bento Boxes make for an amazing lunch. You can get any number of various items and combine them the way that you want. Definitely headed over there to try this out.



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