adams update

adams update

A while back I mentioned the Uptown News article on Street Car Row, a mixed-use development coming to Adams and Idaho. On a visit to Twiggs on Adams last weekend, we noticed the empty lot (formerly Mattress Makers) across the street and snapped this picture:


Here’s a rendering of the project that shows it right up against the sidewalk, which is a big improvement over the mattress store’s street-facing parking spaces (thanks to Marla at CityMark):


Down Adams, next door to the Post Office parking lot, Dark Horse Coffee has opened and they’ve done a sprucing-up of their building. The current Google Maps link for their address shows the building in a generally shabby state under previous ownership; now, a new paint job, plants and signage have improved things:


I know gentrification isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when we moved to Kensington in 2000, much of Adams Ave looked like the before shot in that link above. We couldn’t understand why these walkable neighborhoods full of unique housing stock had a nearby business district that mostly looked like crap.  Did diners and shoppers really abandon their own communities in favor of the generic experience of the Mission Valley malls?  Whatever the reason, it’s been remarkable to see the changes on Adams and how a mostly new generation of residents has embraced them.

Urbanist Guide has more on Dark Horse.  It’s an interesting spot to put a new coffee shop, considering its proximity to Lestat’s, Starbucks and Twiggs, but their pour-over coffee is definitely worth a try. You can never have too many cafes in your neighborhood, right?

Back at 30th and Adams, Polite Provisions has their signage up and if it’s not an antique sign it sure looks like one. Soda and Swine next door also sports neon, and the more neon on Adams the better (pardon the lame angle):



Compare that to the strip mall-like sign at the forthcoming Heights Tavern down the street and take in the visual impact (there’s Sycamore Den going in next door too):


To be fair, the Polite Provisions folks are on their fifth property or so, and likely have significantly more money to spend on signs.

An aside: when we visited predominantly gay Wilton Manors near Fort Lauderdale last fall, it was a big disappointment to see that its core was comprised of a strip mall with identical signage throughout. Pita Jungle aside, imagine if that were the case in Hillcrest.

Eater posted the multi-page drink menu for Polite Provisions and my liver’s already quivering in anticipation of the on-tap cocktails like “Mr. Brownstone” (whiskey, bitters, spiced cinnamon soda, vanilla) and nitro-infused Ballast Point oatmeal stout.  The sheer number of beers, cocktails and on-tap wines makes my head spin.  Opening 2/18 along with Soda and Swine, who now have their meatball-heavy menu up on Eater too.

And Eater also has an update on The Haven Pizzeria opening just east of SR-15 in Kensington in March: gluten-free pizza options, craft beer, family-style salads, meatballs.

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  1. Excellent Adams Ave update. Thanks for the shout out. Drop me a line any time you want to get a better look at Streetcar Row while in the various stages of construction. I especially look forward to inviting you to any grand opening events we host.

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