new la jolla building animation

new la jolla building animation

– check out this cool animation of the new southwest fisheries building going in to that gigantic hole on the east side of la jolla shores drive.  construction begins in a few weeks and is set to complete in spring 2012.

art around adams is this saturday from 3-9 with art on display in 75 participating businesses.  it’s not just art though – there will be live music, an appearance from the ubiquitous todd gloria, and an after party at the ken club.  take the park 2 park shuttle and skip the parking hassle.  like the north park festival of arts, this one seems to grow each year.

– speaking of park 2 park – there’s a great interview with its owner, omar passons, in voice of san diego.

– urbanist guide has a preview of linkery offshoot el take it easy, which opens this month.  chicken spleens, chicken heads, rabbit sausages and quail eggs?  sounds like they’re giving yakitori in hillcrest a run for most adventurous cuisine in the ‘hood.

3 thoughts on “new la jolla building animation

  1. yup, they’re hoping to resume in july, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    logovo – i had to look up tostilocos – a bag of tostitos with “peanuts, cueritos, juice lime, tapatio, chamoy, jicama, cucumbers”. crazy!

  2. El Take It Easy will have Tostilocos on a menu? That’s -er- wow.

    I see those nine dollar churros and chocolate and the first thing that comes to mind is my ma’ saying something like “those churros better ‘bailar y cantar’ at those prices.”

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