north parker

north parker

Jonathan Segal’s The North Parker is coming to 30th and Upas, and here’s a rendering out of the San Diego Business Journal (account required)IMG_3885. The project includes 4 retail suites totaling 6000 square feet, 27 2-bedroom rentals, and office space that will house Segal’s architecture firm. The design is reminiscent of Segal’s black building on India Street in Little Italy.

Over in Kensington, demolition work has begun on the gas station at Marlborough and Adams where Kensington Terrace was planned until the market cratered. Looks like the project has undergone a name change to Kensington Commons; about all you’ll find online is this structural info page and a lease listing promising 7 retail units totaling 10,000 square feet. As a Kensington resident who’s watched Normal Heights blow up the past few years I’m looking forward to some more dining options around the corner.









On a related note, we made a return visit to Polite Provisions and it has to rank up there with Blind Lady Ale House as The Best Thing to Ever Happen on Adams (At Least Since We’ve Lived Here). There’s nothing nearby that rivals the unique interior they’ve put together, from the beautiful marble bar, to the detailed standing light fixtures, to the large vertically-folding windows. And you’re not going to find a better selection of amazing cocktails in the neighborhood either; new rum-based offering “Beach House” was another dangerously tasty offering. Having just watched Flight I’m concerned PP is going to turn me into Denzel Washington’s character.

Elsewhere: El Take it Easy has been reincarnated as Hubcap; while it’s already open, the official Grand Opening is Thursday May 9th. Grass-fed burger and a pint of Saint Archer all month for $15… Eater says BBQ 81 is coming to the former original Pomegranate spot on El Cajon Boulevard… And more restaurants have been named for the Police Headquarters project downtown: Seasons 52 and Jimmy V’s.



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  1. Hi elc, I’ll spare you my (repeated) thoughts on putting traffic flow and free street parking over public transit and benefits to pedestrians/cyclists. Here’s a relevant comment in (VOSD) today from the city’s new planning director:

    “What I am a big advocate of is when you do have new development, you should concentrate it in the areas that can take it,” he said. “Those are typically areas along the corridors, and with strong transit. Although you don’t have rail transit in this part of town, you do have really strong bus service, and you’re going to have stronger bus service eventually.”

  2. I think the question regarding parking is valid, especially since the building will house at least one “destination” restaurant (Underbelly) drawing customers who will arrive in cars. Muni code requires off-street parking (it will be on ground level, under the second story units) for residents and presumably for the retail but a popular restaurant will fill those spaces. The overflow will park on the nearby residential streets which sometimes do get full and the additional cars could affect traffic flow. Questioning how our neighborhood will be impacted does not imply a preference for low density suburbia.

  3. Robert Prunella, just because someone has an *opinion* different than yours doesn’t mean that you have the right to be insulting. Perhaps you should go start your own blog where you can complain and compliment as you like. Or you can attempt to grow up, be civil, and be part of a robust discussion.

  4. Robert Prunella – If only it took a blowjob to get more developments like The North Parker to be built in this city! Trust me, I’d be more than happy to take one for the team by dropping to my knees to help make this city more dense and vibrant. You, on the other hand, are fine with it remaining stagnant and rundown. Perhaps it’s time for you to move to a master planned community is scale matters to you so much.

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