another one bites

another one bites

– chris walsh’s bite on university in hillcrest has closed.  it had been a while since we ate there, but  the prices were a bit high, as was the server sass level.  it’ll be interesting to see what goes into this prime location… manny’s taco cart has moved indoors to the liquor store at 3350 university in normal heights.  seems some neighboring businesses didn’t like losing business to the cart.  could there be a manny’s taco trailer coming soon?… we ate at r gang eatery on 5th in hillcrest last night and it was abuzz with a full house and logo film crew doing a gay travel/food show on san diego.  the food didn’t disappoint; we enjoyed the white trash tater tots, the r gang burger and the mac and cheese entree.  they’ve done a great job designing the interior too… just up 5th, busalacchi’s is tearing up the old sign king building for their new location.  looks like it may be a while past the “mid-summer 2010” opening advertised on their website… uptown news says stone brewing’s south park location will be a spot to refill your growler, buy cases of beer, or purchase stone merch; should be open by the end of the year.

– we’ve been meaning to check out the pearl hotel in point loma for a while now, and when friends from out of town stayed there recently, we saw what a unique place this is – for cocktails, dinner, or a stay.  the bee’s knees cocktail (gin, honey, lavender syrup, lemon juice) was dangerously smooth, the steak (part of a prix fixe menu) was delicious, and the retro ambiance and poolside scene was unlike any other dining experience we’ve had.  our friends’ room had a really cool touch – a down-lit fish bowl mounted on the wall about 6 feet high, with the fish’s name (bruce lee) printed underneath.  it was another example of owner greg strangman’s attention to detail that makes the pearl one of the coolest places we’ve hung out in san diego.

– megan burks has a good article summarizing the differing community interests regarding the pearson ford site in city heights… over in golden hill they’re ready to spend a couple million on pedestrian improvements and reducing traffic congestion on a six-block stretch of 25th st.  this area has lots of potential and if it can take a few cues from little italy (site of an upcoming new city america workshop looking at its success), it would be a big benefit for the neighborhood.

– new belgium brewing’s tour de fat bicycle fest returns to balboa park on october 2nd, 10-4.  this was lots of fun last year, be sure to check it out if you’re into cycling.

– high speed rail is coming to san diego someday, and there’s a conference on 9/24 in anaheim about the project.

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  1. The “couple million” in GH? Check out this scam by doing some research in the City’s CIP allocations: design plans benefitting primarily one sycophant group has been ongoing for decades. Implementation is not the goal: the goal is to keep the PR going and the design contract funding going. The actual plans are absurd (see them on the City’s website.) The street is plenty pedestrian friendly already, and there is no traffic congestion. The entire street, from 94 to Russ, is often deserted. The sidewalks are wide, there are plenty of crosswalks, and plenty of poor people on foot using the sidewalks.

  2. Are your shift keys broken? I’d willing to buy you some if you can’t afford any. What kind of keyboard do you have?

    If both of your pinkies are missing, maybe you should look into prosthetics. I heard they are doing some really amazing stuff with silicon inserts these days.

    Wait a minute! You have parenthesis in your articles – you lazy son of a B! …or are you just going for some indie/hipster/butt-pirate effect, wherein your readers spend 10% more time detecting breaks in sentences and determining whether or not the word bite is a proper noun or a verb in its context. Why stop there? I say go full Williamsburg and omit all punctuation completely, leaving your audience to surmise their own meaning. After all, writing is an art and art is subjective, no? Actually, think of the time you would save if you typed nothing at all. Now we’re talking!

    I hope your first child is crushed by the world’s largest copy of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I’m really big on karma….and irony; also, death.

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