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Bikeways Update

11, May 2016

SANDAG held an open house for the Georgia-Meade Bikeway yesterday at the Lafayette Hotel, and overall the route looks good, with construction planned for 2017. Meade is probably the route I bike the most, so I’m encouraged by the project’s buffered lanes and traffic calming treatments.  The treatments include mini-roundabouts, raised crosswalks and sidewalk bulb-outs. One pleasant surprise […]

The density and height limit debates have been going on in Uptown for eight years now, and they’ve come to a head with the long-delayed update to the 1988 Uptown Community Plan. The Plan will determine zoning for decades to come throughout Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, Mission Hills and University Heights. The current Plan proposed by […]

transit roundup

17, Nov 2015

The second half of 2015 has featured plenty of transit and housing-related developments, both here and in other west coast metros.  I was taking a break from the blog during much of that time, but not from obsessively (and sadly) collecting links about all the changes.  Here in San Diego the biggest development was SANDAG’s […]

i’m the decider

11, Jul 2015

“I’m the decider, and I decide what’s best” – President George W Bush, 2006 “It was my call (to remove the planned protected bike lanes from University Avenue)” – SANDAG Executive Director Gary Gallegos, 2015 It’s been over a month since SANDAG killed the long-planned protected bike lane on University Avenue in Hillcrest to preserve […]

the powerful people

18, Mar 2015

The SANDAG Uptown Bike Corridor is the subject of a special meeting of Uptown Planners, next Tuesday, March 24th at 6 PM in Bankers Hill. The plan faces a strong attack from various organizations and people throughout Uptown. Let’s run through the folks involved and what you can do. Update, 03/22/2015: I’m told SANDAG has […]

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