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transit roundup

17, Nov 2015

The second half of 2015 has featured plenty of transit and housing-related developments, both here and in other west coast metros.  I was taking a break from the blog during much of that time, but not from obsessively (and sadly) collecting links about all the changes.  Here in San Diego the biggest development was SANDAG’s […]

i’m the decider

11, Jul 2015

“I’m the decider, and I decide what’s best” – President George W Bush, 2006 “It was my call (to remove the planned protected bike lanes from University Avenue)” – SANDAG Executive Director Gary Gallegos, 2015 It’s been over a month since SANDAG killed the long-planned protected bike lane on University Avenue in Hillcrest to preserve […]

the powerful people

18, Mar 2015

The SANDAG Uptown Bike Corridor is the subject of a special meeting of Uptown Planners, next Tuesday, March 24th at 6 PM in Bankers Hill. The plan faces a strong attack from various organizations and people throughout Uptown. Let’s run through the folks involved and what you can do. Update, 03/22/2015: I’m told SANDAG has […]

The Uptown Planners Community Planning Group holds their annual board member vote this Tuesday at the Joyce Beers center in Hillcrest, with seven seats set to be filled. If you’re a resident of Uptown, please consider voting for Michael Brennan and Kyle Heiskala. They will provide a fresh outlook and much-needed millennial representation on the […]

mr robinson

25, Jan 2015

The Jonathan Segal project at Robinson and Park has a name (Mr. Robinson) and a sign showing what it will look like when it’s complete: The rendering reminds me a bit of Segal’s project on India Street in Little Italy.  Mr. Robinson is among the first residential projects in Hillcrest since 2008, which also happens […]