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the urbies

22, Jan 2014

Awards season is here, so here’s some of the best things happening in San Diego in this inaugural edition of The Urbies: – Best new Uptown establishment: Named Cocktail Bar of the Year by Imbibe Magazine, Polite Provisions is the coolest thing to happen to Adams Ave since Blind Lady Ale House. While the award […]

free at last

27, Mar 2013

Spring Break may be here for UCSD students, but for some other folks it means an end to the UCSD extension course that’s been eating up any spare blogging time. So here’s a recap of some restaurant news and visits over the past month: Great Maple in the former Brian’s spot in Hillcrest is a […]

bh b&r

8, Aug 2010

- off the sajj, a “lebanese bakery and grill” , is going into the old (un)lucky buck’s spot on university in hillcrest (thanks sdtips)… a bit late on this one, but burger lounge continues their conquest of san diego; newest stop: 5th and market… the opening of hodad’s 2 downtown has been delayed again…  analog […]

kip’s cafe

21, Feb 2010

- kip’s cafe has been open for a few weeks now in the old indian buffet spot on 4th in hillcrest.  we stepped in out of the rain today and were impressed with the makeover they’ve given to the front room, along with some interesting chinese art.  the back room looks about the same as […]


31, Jan 2010

bondi in the gaslamp has closed. the owners put a bunch of money into the place and it featured some quirky interior design, but the consensus on yelp was that the food was only so-so. i remember looking forward to an australian import opening in what was a new building at the time, being impressed […]



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