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san diego HSR routes

san diego HSR routes

The UT recently published the first detailed maps I’ve seen for the proposed California High Speed Rail routes in San Diego county. While construction wouldn’t occur until the next decade (if ever, given the challenges the project faces), it’s fun to envision a high speed train rushing down some of these routes. For us, it would be convenient to drop down the hill from here in Kensington and pick up the train at Qualcomm Stadium under the southern route. Given the opposition to running the train through Rose Canyon along I-5, an I-8 route might be the easiest option.

– UCSD has a website up on the proposed station locations for the new Mid-Coast trolley line. As a new employee at San Diego Supercomputer Center in the northwest corner of campus, it’s a bit of a disappointment to see the “west” trolley station located to the southeast of the campus center. If SDSU can have a tunnel for their Green Line, why can’t the same be done at UCSD, with a station directly below the student center? I’m sure the answer is cost, but it would have been the optimal location for main campus riders.

– Now that the cruise ship terminal is built on Broadway Pier, how lame is it that the public is discouraged from even going on the pier:

Broadway Pier may have been a dump before, but at least you could ride your bike out there for a unique view of the bay and city. Way to go, Port of San Diego!

– On a brighter note, the county of San Diego is moving forward with implementing their parking lot-to-park conversion, at least on the north side of the building. Demolition of the 50’s-era building on that lot is set, along with funds to complete design plans for the new park, which will include a recycled water feature. Here’s a shot of the vast parking lot from the northeast corner:

county admin lot

– The new federal courthouse downtown is still under construction, but it’s already won a design award:

the empire strikes

the empire strikes

– the former big easy location on hillcrest has a new sign up: “empire“… chris walsh, formerly of bite in hillcrest, will be the chef at the lincoln room (previously confidential) on 4th downtown, says discover sd. look for an “americanized la puerta” concept… native foods, a socal vegetarian food chain, is going into the old chef’s wok location across from burger lounge in hillcrest, according to riviera magazine. it can be a challenge to find healthy restaurants sometimes, and you can only do loving hut so many times, so it’s good to see native foods’ menu has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options… burger lounge‘s new downtown location (pictured below), a couple doors up from blarney stone on 5th downtown, will be their largest yet (2500 sq. ft). it’s being set up for high customer volume, according to uptown news… meanwhile hodads downtown has gotten their liquor license, says troy johnson… no such luck for the stone brewing store in south park, which faces a lengthy delay in securing their license due to neighborhood protests… north park’s only gay dance club, bacchus house, has closed. gay bars redwing and the eagle are still with us.

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– uptown news has a good summary on the hodgepodge of proposals for bringing streetcar service back to san diego’s uptown neighborhoods. meanwhile several other california cities are moving forward with their streetcar plans. it was informative to read that portland’s streetcar system resulted in 3.5 billion in investments near its rail line within the first seven years.

– long term development plans are being discussed for east village, including parks and a design district. but it could be 10 years or more before significant development returns to downtown.

– the view from the top floor of ucsd’s new “fifteen” building at the northwest edge of campus was pretty impressive when i was up there for a meeting recently:

across the street, there’s an interesting building going in:

hodad’s delay

hodad’s delay

– originally set to open last month, hodad’s on broadway downtown will serve its first burger in september or october now, according to the UT. – the new york times covers the various residential and office projects popping up along the expo light rail line under construction in west LA.  notable quote:

Despite opposition from some neighborhood residents, Alan I. Casden, the chief executive, said greater density was inevitable. “Los Angeles is going to go vertical,” he said. “That’s the only way you can go. There’s no more land.”

meanwhile in san diego, the grantville action group meets thursday to block development near the grantville trolley stop in east mission valley, and caltrans’ report on adding 6 lanes to i-5 in north county is due this month.

– what would you do with that big empty lot on el cajon blvd. in city heights where pearson ford used to be?  developer price charities wants your input (well, kensington’s input, but who’s checking) – from the heart of kensington newsletter:

We have been presented with an opportunity to weigh in on what the Kensington community thinks would be an appropriate and beneficial use of the former Pearson Ford site, which will be developed by the new owners, Price Charities.  This large site is located at Fairmont and El Cajon Avenues, about a 12 minute walk from the Kensington library, and a quick 5 minute drive from Ridgeway and Palisades.  The site is zoned CU-2-4, which allows a mix of heavy commercial and limited industrial uses with residential uses, and is intended to accommodate development with pedestrian orientation and high density residential use.  This zoning allows the most density and the tallest buildings in the Mid-City area. We have been asked to provide our opinion on what goods and services residents of Kensington would like to see provided and would patronize.  The intent, as conveyed to us, is to find uses that would serve the communities of Kensington, Talmadge and City Heights. In response, we are asking that you email us with your ideas and suggestions.  Also tell us what you would not want to see located at that site.  This is a time-sensitive matter, so please respond soon, and send your responses to or just reply to this email.

here’s one suggestion – a multi-story vietnamese market and community center, serving as the gateway to the new little saigon district.

– san diego’s summer without a summer continued right through the holiday weekend as we tied or set our fourth straight record daily minimum high temperature, and eighth in the past month.

lestat’s 2?

lestat’s 2?

– the owners of lestat’s, fresh from their most recent expansion at their adams ave location, are buying cream coffee bar on park blvd. in university heights.  no word on any name change…

– i noticed a banner for sanfilippo’s, which closed its earlier this year, next door to extraordinary deserts – a few blocks south of its original location on 5th ave.

– ucsd hosts a meeting on the mid-coast trolley extension and will provide their input on the various route options from the university to the utc area (next tuesday, 3-6 pm at the price center ballroom on campus).  considering the number of employees, students and shoppers this line will serve, it’s a long-overdue addition.  meanwhile here’s a gem from the UT article’s comments section: “I hope they build it to allow all of the gheto and homeless people to come up from south bay and take over UTC and La Jolla just like they did when the built the trolley out to Mission Valley”.

bike to the padres game on saturday may 15th with the san diego bike coalition and the urban bike and social club.  $35 gets you a “ticket to the game at 530pm, 2 cold beverages, all you can eat taco cart, beat LA t-shirts with additional proceeds going to support the Boys and Girls Club”.