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comic con staying put

comic con staying put

– it was a relief to hear comic con will remain in its san diego home through 2015. they’ve negotiated special convention rates at 64 area hotels to address the price gouging that was going on in recent years. the biggest weekend of the year for san diego just got even better.

– busy saturday coming up with taste of north park and the tour de fat bicycle fest at balboa park. seems like there’s a can’t-miss event in the uptown neighborhoods every weekend this time of year.

– tropical weather arrived in san diego this week, about two months behind schedule. whether you’re a fan of it or not, it sure makes for some interesting skies:

– the new walkway near the pier at sio is a big improvement over the drab wall that was there before:

– celebrate the upcoming sd veg week at pizza fusion:

Vegan Drinks Mixer at Pizza Fusion on Wed. Oct. 6th from 6-9 pm. $3 pints of local craft beers, 1/2 price glasses of wine and 1/2 price vegan pizzas. You can also win FREE vegan pizza every week for 1 year (and proceeds benefit the Animal Protection and Rescue League!)

balboa pay-to-park

balboa pay-to-park

– the plan to restore the pedestrian plaza in balboa park seems to have ruffled a few feathers, since it will include a parking garage that pays for its own construction through parking fees (if donations are insufficient). i’m baffled by expectations that parking should be free everywhere – doesn’t it cost money to park at say, horton plaza? free parking will still be available in the big lot at the southern end of the park.

the opposition to reducing the current free reign of vehicles throughout balboa park ignores those who enjoy it for cycling and walking. why shouldn’t these users benefit from a single lane of traffic on coronado cabrillo bridge and a car-free plaza de panama?

routing traffic through the alcazar parking lot and on to the new underground garage behind the organ pavilion is a big improvement over just removing the parking spots in the plaza. this removes traffic entirely from this park area and would create a unique civic gathering area, perfect for small concerts, vendors, etc. and putting the garage underground with park space on top is a win-win design. it’s good to see bold, innovative proposals like this one that aren’t afraid to tick off the car-first crowd.

– coldest san diego summer in 77 years? how about coldest summer ever? so says matt baylow:

June, July, and August’s average monthly temperatures came out to the 25th coldest summer since they have been keeping track in 1851 around here. But the 24 colder summers were all before 1933. Since methods have changed slightly, and hopefully gotten significantly more accurate, it’s entirely possible that this was in fact the coldest summer ever around here.

when you look at the temperature archives, it’s clear there is a systematic difference in values from the early 1900’s, likely due to less accurate equipment. while “coldest summer ever” sums things up pretty well, here’s a few more stats:

  • only 10 out of the past 105 days have had high temps above normal
  • august 28th’s high of 66 degrees was 12 degrees below normal, and one degree below the average low for the date
  • while summer 1999 was the “coldest in 66 years” at the time, we at least salvaged a few beach weekends that year. this summer offered precisely 2 weekend days where temperatures stayed in the mid-70’s at the beach. and let’s not even go into the frigid water temps. well, better luck next year…